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At Mulberry we provide a warm, caring and relaxed atmosphere. It is a home-to-home environment. We have several years of experience in working with children and parents. We aim to accommodate and understand your child's and your needs and requirements.


We place great importance to the settling in period for your child. A key worker system operates throughout the nursery. The key worker will build a special relationship with your child and offer your child comfort, security, reasurrance and continuity.

We use the Curriculum for Excellence from birth to 5yrs, when planning activities for the children. When planning activites for the children, staff follow this document to encourage children to become strong healthy children, who are competent learners and skillful communicators. We foster the children's curiosities and encourage them to explore the world around them through touch, sight, sound, smell and movement.

Some of the activities offered include: Treasure basket, Heuristic play, sensory stimulus, reading stories, singing, music and movement and regular outings to the park.

We offer a broad curriculum encompassing all the key areas of development. We aim to instill confidence and enthusiasm at an early age. A key worker will support your child in developing ideas, concepts and skills. The staff will offer your child choices and support, taking into account children's interests, development stage and capabilities. Staff will reflect on and evaluate activities so they can plan future play effectively. Children will be given repsonsibility to make decisions, choices and errors and celebrate success. We believe that children should be autonomous and competent learners, making decisions and selecting activities. We encourage children's curiosity and development of experimentation, questioning, reasoning, taking initiative in problem solving, conversing and the development of abstract thinking. Twice a week the children have opportunity to go to Forest School for outdoor learning.

At mulberry we provide physical development through various activities, such as music and movement, soft play, gym, and we own a large range of physical equipment to promote development and co-ordination of muscles. Our extra-curricular activities include Spanish, Drama and Colour-Strings. Throughout the year we plan several educational trips, some of the past trips have included going to the Science Museum, Art Galleries and  Nature Walks.

Our Nurture Rooms: The Baby and 18months-3yrs Rooms

Children from 3 to 5 years Room

Physical Development, Extra-Curricular Activities & Educational Trips